Are there more writing “incentives” learned from Kempthorne?

Yes!!  Since my previous post was way past the recommended blog limit for number of words, this one will be mercifully short.

2013 0818 writingHere are a few ideas to get you regularly writing….

1.  Make a list of stories you have told anyone more than once…the camping trip on the Glover comes to mind for me…this list should include at least 10 ideas for stories.
2. Take one of those ideas and write about it.
3. Write about your day or a portion of your day…not just the facts, but add conversation, what you smelled, what you saw, what you felt.  I wrote about my morning which was very routine but I got 350 words in about 7 minutes.
4. Do the childhood home plan idea which I illustrated in the previous post.
5.  Write about one of your annotations to the plan.
6. Write a family story in an email, attach a photo and send it to your kids or grandkids.  Charley actually sends an email about his family history to one of his six kids daily. On the 7th day he sends a similar email to all his grandchildren.
7. Set a goal of 500 words a day.  And write at least 500 words; never less.  Doesn’t matter if it is good or horrible…just write. No writer’s block allowed.  500 words written badly is infinitely better than 0 words written exquisitely.
8. If you write 500 words a day, you will have 182,000 words at the end of a year, the equivalent of 3 books!

Pretty cool, huh?  I am a believer in regularly writing but I am no saint.  I do not write about myself or even much about my family.  Should do more.

Happy hunting!



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