Day 1: SLIG & Advanced Methodologies

This will be quick!

It’s tough to describe today without going into great detail, so I will instead skim the surface. The exercise, readings etc. that “stick” in my memory will become topics for future blogs.

Had breakfast with Teresa Scott, our ProGen coordinator. She and Craig, our group mentor, continue to rave about our absolutely awesome study group.
Tom Jones covered the Process map and then gave us an exercise in identifying original or derivative sources and their relative independence. I failed the test miserably, unless, of course, the point was for the student to recognize the difficulties in actuall making these designations which is what ESM discussed on p. 22 and 23 of EE.
Pam Sayres covered archives and there are several I wish to explore.
Rick Sayres challenged us on government docs which I am woefully short of expertise. I certainly have a better respect for them now than I did.
We have a homework assignment which is discussed tomorrow am. Three of us got together , at Rick’s urging, and knocked it out before a lecture by Judy Russell.
Last activity was a quiz show called The Last Genealogist Standing. Where you all stand and using the honor system, answer questions. If you miss, you sit down. The winner gets a prize. It was fun.

Happy hunting!


Done since the last posting: gave Randy Seaver a shoutout for mentioning my two blogs on the APG-PMC as being one (?) of 10 great blogs of the week. Thanks, Randy. I also have learned to tweet, so let me know if you want to connect.


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