My Blog Business Plan!

Blog Mission: to write well, to learn much, to share all

Blog Vision: “Genealogy Certification: a Personal Journey” will record and share my personal education to become a confident submitter of my portfolio to the Board for Certification of Genealogists

Blog Goals:

  • write about my impressions of the journey to certification, whether I become certified or not.
  • educate myself in the various areas where I am weak, and
  • share that information with others

It is a personal journey and I hope that through my education you, too, will gain some knowledge.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last posting: I suspect that a “real” planner would have done the above before she started blogging.  I didn’t.  Thanks to all my followers.  I love meeting you; don’t hesitate to introduce yourself when our paths cross.


2 comments on “My Blog Business Plan!

  1. a gray says:

    I wonder how many actually formulate a “Blog Business Plan” before they start a blog, especially those that might be first-time bloggers? Should be a “Blog Mission Plan” rather than a “Blog Business Plan”? I don’t know.

    • jkmorelli says:

      I had just finished writing by genealogy business plan for my ProGen class and I just thought I should write one for my blog. And, I agree; I suspect no one has a “business plan” for their blog…but maybe they should.

      I had trouble writing the first blog posting much less giving any thought to why I was writing. I couldn’t even have written it until recently.

      This posting wrote itself!


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