NGS 2014: Wrap up

thank you postitThanks!

Thanks to all the volunteers. No conference is possible without the help of volunteers. Volunteers set up and took down booths, volunteers staffed the booths, were room monitors and assisted with registration. And those are just the activities we can see! There are hundreds more volunteers behind the scenes working hard for the year + before the event. Special thanks to the host society, the Virginia Genealogical Society. I hope you can take a well deserved vacation in your beautiful state to decompress.

Thanks to the NGS staff and Board. We know there are not many of you but you seem to multiply yourselves during this time of intense activity.  You make sure the contracts are in place with hotels and venues and coordinate the sponsored lunches and activities, etc. etc..

Thanks to the instructors, who consistently bring terrific content so we can all learn new skills and explore new record sets which make us better genealogists.

And thanks, to the attendees. I met such fabulous people and had so much fun, you make it a joy to attend. I make a point to meet 3 new people a day and easily accomplished my goal, usually before lunch!

Some highlights included:

  • lunch with my ProGen class attendees and mentor Craig Scott (thanks Craig, Rorey, Barry and Angela for the great advice)
  • meeting Ms. Tweet AKA Jen Baldwin.  She is as terrific in person as she is in 140 characters.
  • meeting Debra Hoffman–I hope a new friend.  She and I had a terrific conversation at the GSG sponsored lunch and who I ran into again later that day during the fire drill during Craig Scott’s presentation on Confederate Soldier research.
  • chatting with two women reviewing BCG portfolios (both of which said they would submit articles for publication in the SGS Bulletin) and
  • the 13 Washington attendees (NE had 2). I think I connected with 8?

See you next year in St. Charles!

Happy hunting!


What I have done since the last posting: fed my genealogy obsession almost (but not quite) to overload!


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