Alan R. Jacobson, 1921-1944

1944 0919 Rpt Jacobson AlanMemorial Day….

Alan Jacobson filed a MIA report for a fellow pilot on 9 September 1944. [1]  Just two months later, he was shot down over Oeschelbronn in Vaihingen, Germany and died. [2]

He was buried in the Oeschlbronn cemetery with other Americans.  After the war was over the family requested his remains be returned; he was re-interred in Evergreen Cemetery, Britt, Iowa. [3]  I visited Oeschelbronn in the 1980’s and was shown the site by a person who as a child remembered the plane crash. The site where Alan’s plane crashed was near a present-day soccer field.

Wishing you all a holiday of good and perhaps some sad remembrances.

Remember your ancestors, so you can learn from them.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done this weekend: A genealogy marathon–submitted 7 presentations to FGS; prepared 7 presentations for Ohio GS (will submit in June) and finished up the presentation for Washington State Genealogical Society and syllabus (also be given to the Ostfriesen Genealogy Society of America conference).  Syllabus is due 1 June.  Submitted my assignment for ProGen (family history narrative, similar to the KDP), and commented on three of the cohort’s assignments. Went to the Folklife Festival with hubby where we listened to bluegrass for a couple of hours and then played a round of Par 3 golf with a friend.  Redid my Kanbahn wall which had gotten very out of date and cleaned up my desk.  Even recorded my expenses for the NGS conference on my spreadsheet!

[1] Thank you Fold3 for your free weekend!

[2] United States Department of Defense, “Report of Capture: Alan R. Jacobson (23 November 1944,)” in personal possession of Jill Morelli.

[3] Alan R. Jacobson, “Obituary,” unknown newspaper but probably the Britt (Iowa) News-Tribune. after Fall 1944.


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