What are some resources of help for writing the KDP?

BCG materialsI found some good templates from the New England Historical & Genealogical Society website.  For those of you embedded into the NE this may be old news but I found that some of the templates potentially very helpful:

  1. a research log that actually might work for me, i.e simple and doesn’t “try too hard”
    I have struggled with finding a research log that is easy enough to use that I actually–use it!  This might be the answer.
  2. a template for Register style genealogical summaries in Word (!)
    I know we all struggle with how to put the Kinship Determination Project (KDP) information in the proper form.  (actually Word is just a little TOO helpful and assumes too many things resulting in one (usually me) fighting with it to have it do things like number the children correctly. ) NEHGS has developed a template for you to use to assist in writing.  This is set up for Register style which is too bad that the Q does not do something similar for the Q style.
  3. an editorial style sheet
    I had read about style sheets but had forgotten about them.  An editorial style sheet is your “cheat sheet” for your writing, in this case the case study and the KDP.  It includes rules for capitalization or title point size or how to handle birth names.  It can also include words you commonly use but misspell and commonly used citation formats.  I am definitely going to spend some time and get this set up.  I share what I end up with.

I got my BCG packet the other day and this is a photo of what I received.  Only item included in the packet but not shown  in the photo is the BCG-supplied document.  I did declare my area of interest to be late 1800’s Midwest, which is where I have done all of my personal research in the US.

I have also put a tickler on my calendar that every month I will reread the rubrics and the Application Guide (not the samples).  This will keep me on track with fewer (I hope) diversions.  One of the major reasons for not obtaining certification is the failure to follow the rules.

Here is the link to the website for the templates above and others that you might find of use.


You might also find this article about writing the family history (KDP-ish) interesting:


Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  Cleaned up a lot of other things including completing SGS newsletter, doing some deep research on Sweden in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s (geopolitical history, literacy standards, agrarian standards etc.), listened to some CDs from the NGS conference that I bought, listened to my NGS Live Streaming sessions that I bought, read and re-read Numbering your Genealogy by Crane, Curren and Wray (it’s a “gotta have.”), commented on my ProGen cohort’s assignments of the family histories (all very interesting), finished my presentation on GPS #5 and the worksheet etc. and posted it on my blog (also notified attendees of the GPS #4 that it was available), finished up my presentation on my case study on Grietje Wientjes, submitted seven presentations to FGS and have Ohio’s ready to go, and completed the presentation and submitted the syllabus for WSGS Self Publishing presentation in August. I am, for some reason, procrastinating about the work on the OGSA conference and I HAVE to give it some attention.


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  1. a gray says:

    …… and of course, you already own a copy of Genealogical Writing in the 21st Century, 2nd ed. .

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