KDP Writer’s Block Busted!

Short post so I can get back to my Kinship Determination Project! 🙂

I have been spending a fair amount of time researching for my KDP.  One of my ancestors who is a subject in my lineage narrative is famous (in limited circles) and so I have been researching a lot of materials written by and about him.

But, I haven’t been writing much.

So, if that ever happens to you, here is what I did. I gave myself some very achievable, but measurable, goals:

  • I must write 500 words per day–they can be “ugly” but I must write 500 words.
  • I must write a minimum of 3 footnotes.
  • I cannot play my card game (!) until I have written my 500 words.

Five hundred words is not impossible.  I can even knock it out in about 30 minutes as they do not have to be perfect.  I find that if I write just 500, I will often write 1000.

It’s working for me.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last posting:  written 500 words per day on my KDP, spoke at the Stillaguamish Genealogical Society on Ostfriesland culture and genealogy, started and completed the SGS newsletter (out now for proofreading/editing), attended a presentation at SGS on genetics and health by my friend, Janice (Nice job, Janice!); started to work on my six proposals for the Northwest Genealogy Conference (held in 13-15 August in Arlington WA).  They are due 31 December. Met with a potential client and sent out a contract/proposal to him.


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