King County WA Court Case Index released!

Guest post by Reiley Kidd


Did you know that SGS has an index to every probate case and divorce record that occurred in King County, Washington from before 1880 through 1980? It’s called the “SGS King County Court Cases Index” or KC3I for short, and it contains over 1.7 million records. Of these, divorces and other end-of marriage cases comprise over 700,000 of the cases, and probate and similar cases account for nearly 300,000 more.

The KC3I was created over a ten year period by a small but resolute group of SGS volunteers, headed by Marilynn Van Hise and Sandie McBride, from over 100 boxes of index cards from the Chicago Title Company, an index of all King County court cases that could potentially affect property rights, and therefore the title to property. In addition to divorce and probate cases, it also includes all King County court cases involving name changes, community property agreements and guardianships. Nearly 80,000 hours of volunteer time went into the creation of the KC3I.

As its name suggests, the KC3I is an index only. It does not contain abstracts or summaries of these cases. A search of this index

  1. informs you if your ancestor is mentioned in one or more cases during this period;
  2. lists the date and a few other details about each case (such as date of marriage or death, wife’s maiden name, etc.), and
  3. provides you with the case number and date of each case.

Once you have the case numbers, you can then obtain the complete case records from the King County Court Clerk’s office.

SGS is adding this unique database to our research offerings, and will charge non-members and professional researchers $5 for each name searched, and $15 more to provide the case numbers for each individual (the Court Clerk’s office charges $30), to help sustain the Society.

For SGS members, the service is free. All you have to do is send the full name, name of spouse and date of death (if known) of the individuals to or complete the KC3I Search request form at our web site (below).

For more details about the KC3I, visit or see the KC3I article in the SGS Fall Bulletin.

Thanks, Reiley for the informaiton.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last posting: worked on three proposals for the Northwest Genealogical conference…I have started thinking about a new lecture on Blogging for Beginners.


2 comments on “King County WA Court Case Index released!

  1. a gray says:

    That the SGS has developed this very important database demonstrates its importance to our local genealogical community as to the national community. I trust this database will be widely marketed.

    • Jill Morelli says:


      We were very lucky to have the National Genealogical Society blog pick up the announcement. That’s the good news. The bad news? They posted the years of coverage as 1881 to 1890 instead of 1980. Just a little shift of 90 years. They say they will correct.

      Have a good Thanksgiving.


      Professional genealogist Give the gift of family!


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