PMC/SLIG Preparation

pmc2014logoI am getting ready for the three day Professional Management Conference (PMC) sponsored by the Association of Professional Genealogists and the week long Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) which are back-to-back starting on Thursday of this week.  I thought I would pass along some of my preparations.

I have numerous goals for these 10 days:

  • Attend the Professional Management Conference.  This 2.5 day event is great fun with good classes on how to be a better professional genealogist.
    Action: I have reviewed the classes and events.  I will be attending Tom Jones’s class on citations and I will send my avatar to Judy Russell’s presentation on “Finding the Law.”  Cece Moore, seen on “Finding Your Roots” is doing a session on using DNA in adoption cases but Billie Fogarty, a very skilled presenter, is conducting a session on improving your presentations at the same time.  Decisions, decisions!  My avatar will be busy.
  • Show my poster on Friday.  I did not respond to their Call for Presentations but thought the poster session might be a good way to get to know some people.  Little did I know the paper would take about 6 weeks to write before I even did the poster!
    Action:  Poster is printed and I pick it up on Monday. I have business cards, flyers and a table tent ready.
  • The following week, starting on Monday, about 30 of us will start the five day SLIG Advanced Practicum class.  We receive one problem per day and then reconvene at the end of the day to see how we did in solving the research question.  When I took the Advanced Methodologies course last year, I was very inefficient and did not reach any of the conclusions to the questions.  I would like to do better this time (coming up from “zip” should be easy! right?)
    Action: I vow to…. think of each of the assignments as one of my 10 hour “stints” for a client and to develop a research plan.  Most importantly, I must not go down the “rabbit hole” and instead must stay disciplined and focused.
  • Conduct personal research for my certification portfolio.  If my personal research takes longer than I anticipate, I might just not do one of the five assignments of the Practicum.
    Action: I have my records identified (film numbers etc.)   As I discovered a gap in my knowledge I recorded where I might find the information in Evernote and tagged each research need with “FHL” for Family History Library. Yesterday I copied/pasted each need into a master document and attached a priority.  I will actually record my findings on the same research document as I accomplish each task.
  • Quiz at least three national speakers on topics to submit for the National Genealogical Society Conference for the 2016 “Call for Papers.” I also want to ask them about tips for better responses to Call for Papers.  I have until April to submit eight. I didn’t get selected last year, but my resume looked pretty skimpy.  This year it looks much better.
    Action: I have my list of lecture topics updated and I am reworking my contract.
  • Connecting with old friends and making some new ones.
    Action: I want to meet some of my blog readers.  I will promise to introduce myself around in every situation rather than just talk with my friend from Chicago (although I will do a lot of that as well.)

I will report back as to how I did!

I have a new laptop which I will be taking.  Last year I suffered with my tablet.  Not again.  Dropbox is proving invaluable.  It allows me to work on my desktop, store my info in the cloud and then using my laptop, download the information so I can use it while I travel  So handy!

I still have to pack etc.  I am trying to think what I need to take with me because I only want to carry one bag onto the plane. Genealogists have a tendency to pack a lot of books, papers etc.  Hopefully the laptop will alleviate that need.

Another adventure!

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last posting:  I have written a number of the Jens Dahle “One Day in the Life of…” postings for the blog.  I will be sad when the last one is written. …end of April 1865.  Finished up my poster and got it printed.  I went to pick the poster up last Friday and they had the wrong size and the wrong type of paper.  Sigh.  So, I will have to go back and pick it up again on Monday.  I am starting to go through the mountain of books I have (more than 12) which I have on long term inter-library loan.  These books are related to the topic of my KDP.  So much to do; so little time.  …and last night I read a book which will be very helpful for my KDP.  I will resume my 500 word/day “diet” on my KDP or Case Study right after my return from SLC.

PMC 2015 logo is used with permission from the Association of Professional Genealogists. Thanks, Kathleen.


12 comments on “PMC/SLIG Preparation

  1. a gray says:

    How I wish I could attend Tom Jones’s class on citations.

  2. Clytee gold says:

    Hi, I enjoy your blog. I am attending both PMC and SLIG (Tom Jone’s advanced methodology). I hope I can meet as I feel like I’ve already met you by reading so much of your blog! I am in Pro Gen 24 and hoping to get a n AG in the next couple of years. My name is Clytee Gold. See you soon!

  3. A class on citations? Really? snore.

    • Jill Morelli says:

      Actually he will be teaching the course in 3 sessions — Morning, afternoon and the next morning. ;-). He asked us for some of our toughest examples. I submitted an email which had a scan of the original parish record in Germany. I am looking at an email BUT when I look at’s censuses, I cite the census not Ancestry as the lead. Ancestry is just the platform on which the original rides. I may be making a mountain out of a mole hill but I have this example in my KDP and I want to get it right. but during the afternoon session, Judy is giving her “Finding the Law.” I may step out of citations and attend hers as I have trouble finding germane bits of information in the law.

      Have a good day! er…evening..


      • Jill Morelli says:

        Tom’s presentation was one of the most interesting sessions I attended (3 hours of 5). He made a point to show the reasons why you might completely flip the citation that appears in Evidence Explained. He also discussed how the internet (post EE) has added complexity to citations because the question of what is published vs unpublished. For example, the image of the census is published on Ancestry but the film from which it was generated is unpublished. It was a very interesting “lesson.”

  4. yankeetess says:

    Have a great time! I’ll miss our breakfasts!

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