NGS Livestreaming: Decision Time!

microphoneThe deadline for Livestreaming the NGS conference is fast approaching and I have to decide whether to sign up or let it go. NGS encourages those who aren’t able to attend the conference to sign up so you can attend ten of the top lectures without leaving the comfort of your home. But I defied that logic because I signed up last year for the Livestreaming even tho’ I attended the NGS Richmond conference.

My thought process was then and is now:

  • The conference experience would not be enhanced by being in the room at the time the lecture is being broadcast, as these sessions would be in the big rooms;
  • The most popular speakers would have a crowd and I might not get a seat anyway (I don’t like to fight for a seat.);
  • I could then attend other sessions and gain by NOT attending the ones being livestreamed (My “Lost Opportunity Costs” to those of you who remember your Econ 101);
  • I could still watch the lectures at home after the conference for 3 months;
  • I could watch them multiple times at home (which I did do);
  • A Jamba CD (the most usual way for getting a copy of the lecture) just doesn’t do it for me and may not be available anyway, and
  • The cost is not a killer.

Those reasons are a LOT of good ones to sign up again.  But, this time I am going to be a bit more strategic.  I am most interested in the Immigration and Naturalization track.  I will (using my app) see if I have one or five sessions that I would like to attend, which conflict with those lectures in this track.  If I just have one conflict, I will see if I am OK with skipping that one and attending the livestreamed session in person–that would constitute a vote “no” to buy the Livestreaming option.  If I have five sessions competing for my time I will consider that a vote “yes” to sign up for Livestreaming.

I can report that the experience last year was good.  The clarity was fine.  I wish that there would have been a little box with the speaker’s head on the livestream because it looked a bit like a Legacy Software Webinar once it got going. But, I was very satisfied with my experience last year.

It is still a good deal for those who cannot make it to St. Charles as you get besides access to the lectures until the end of August, you also receive a copy of the syllabus (electronic).

I re-reviewed the speakers and I might just go ahead and sign up for both ($115 member rate)!  There is always something good on the program I can attend. I’ll keep you posted as to what I decide to do.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last posting: Been busy!  Worked more on my Case Study and read some Q articles to identify the “rhythm of writing” proof arguments.  Mine draft is still choppy. Evaluated all the submissions to the SGS Family History Writing Contest (13!) and built a spreadsheet to aggregate the scores of all four readers. I turned down a speaking engagement near Tacoma (during the week) and accepted a return engagement to Whatcom County for next fall for another all day seminar.  I worked on the the cover and the content of the syllabus for the SGS Spring Seminar with C. Lynn Andersen, AG on the mid-south states. I also updated my lecture list, something that has to be done regularly, I have discovered.  I also did my monthly report for SGS.  Next week? Put the SGS newsletter together.


Harris & Ewing, photographer, “Inventor of Microphone [Emile Berliner] to Receive Franklin Gold Medal,” 1929. Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-hec-35387 (digital file from original negative); Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA


4 comments on “NGS Livestreaming: Decision Time!

  1. Mary Swenson says:

    I think you need to sign up for live-streaming, but what do I know, I flunked Econ, twice.

  2. The benefits of being able to listen more than once, in smaller bites, are really worth it.

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