NGS Withdrawal; Thank You, Volunteers!

Got home late last night and have spent the day “cleaning up” the detritus of my genealogical life!  I cannot imagine what the volunteers at the conference are feeling today!  I hope the entire St. Louis GS, the host society, is celebrating a job well done! They were superb and conducted a terrific conference.

This is how I spent my day and I hope theirs was more relaxing than mine.1

  • I did some research on the hotels in Ft. Lauderdale to prep for the opening of the 2016 conference slots.  It appears that no hotel is directly connected to the convention center but the conference hotel can be reached by walking under A1A, a busy thoroughfare. (Note: I lived in southern Florida for 3 years in the early ’90’s.)
  • I emailed a potential roommate abut my interest in sharing a room at Jamboree.
  • As coordinator of the ProGen alums at Jamboree, I emailed them about the arrangements to get together.
  • Discussed on line the plenary speaker for the OGSA 2016 conference with the OGSA board members and then contacted a recent employer of that potential plenary speaker about their experience.
  • Completed my annual report and my monthly report for SGS.
  • Reread for the 4th time the “Goggons and Gaggins” article for the NGSQ Study Group (Congrats to Lahnice, the author of the article.  She won the 2014 NGSQ Award of Excellence for the top article.  This was announced at the NGS Conference banquet.)  Since I am the discussion leader for our monthly scheduled chat, I also had to post questions for the attendees.
  • I researched RootsMagic.  My software program is no longer supported and so I must change.  RootsMagic, a vendor at the Conference, has a bridge for MAC that accepts TMG, my software. At the conference, I also talked to ArkivDigital, a Swedish documents website I will be subscribing to.  Obviously, I thought the exhibit area was especially good this time.
  • Cleaned out my “dumping ground,” aka my purse.  Found that I had taken my roommate’s Instruction book for the Meyer’s Orts and I now had two.  Whoops! Packaged it up to send to her tomorrow.
  • I went to yoga!
  • I developed a DNA testing plan with the goal of finding a match that will identify my husband’s grandfather; his mother was born out of wedlock.  So, I contacted by husband’s family asking them if they are willing to be tested by two companies.  He has 4 brothers and sisters and they each need to be checked by two companies…the cost will not be small.

Being at the conference is tiring and exhilarating at the same time.  I received a lot of support to work and submit my portfolio for certification.  It was greatly appreciated.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  See above.
1 I just realized I forgot to send Gretchen my syllabus for the presentation on Wednesday and to prep the website for them. Ouch!