Potpourri: 22 May 2015

Wilder PassThis is a collection of a variety of comments, observations and thoughts about genealogy. I promise not to do this too often (Left and in the spirit of miscellany: I just like the picture of Wilder Pass (CO).  It has nothing to do with the post!)

1.  I was recently named one of the top five Social Media Reps for the NGS 2015 conference!  And to think, just a few years ago Mary Tedesco gave me the twitter tutorial.  (I am still learning how to retweet and like other people’s tweets!) 🙂

2. Debbie Meiszala blogged about genealogical regrets.  I have many.  There are the usual ones—“Why didn’t I ask gramma __________?”   Or, “I should have taken that photo when I had the chance.”  Or, “I forgot to pick up that record at the courthouse.”  My prime regret, however, is that I didn’t share the information I had gathered on my mother’s family–with my mother!  Of course, I also would have liked to have shared with my Swede/Dane father that he was 6.25% Norwegian. (My aunt didn’t know.)

3. The program for the Northwest Genealogical Conference 2015 is out.  Whew!  I am not opposite Judy Russell, a very popular speaker on issues related to genealogy and the law who is making four presentations that day.   Not that the other speakers aren’t formidable–Janice Lovelace, Jean Hibben, CG, Sara Scribner, CG, etc.  I will be presenting on “House Histories! Hooray for the Tax Man”.  You are either interested in House History or not.  I am sure that however many attendees come, they will be enthusiastic.

4.I have fallen into the trap of other genealogists when I watch “Who Do You Think You Are?”  I yelled at the TV the other day “Why don’t you look for an obituary to find the siblings? You do not need to travel to _______.”  Is WDYTYA becoming my “reality TV?”

5.  At the NGS conference I went through the exhibitor area and picked up material on 3 or 4 companies.  One booth I stopped at was ArkivDigital, a pay website of photographed original Swedish records.  These records are beautiful.  There are multiple locations to obtain the Swedish records, including SVAR, FamilySearch and Ancestry but all of these records were digitized from microfilm and so they are in b&w.  ArkivDigital images are in color and they are gorgeous.  Problem:  they do not have the tax records I am looking for.

6. The other product I am seriously investigating is RootsMagic, a genealogy software product  The developer of my software which I have used since 2002 has stopped supporting the product, so I needed to get a new software that will accept the information from my old program.  I hope it works.  I am worried about losing all or part of my data.

7. I was asked to write an article for the Federation of Genealogical Societies magazine on organizing a Family History Writing Contest.  I had to beg off because in the next 6 weeks I will be attending three conferences, taking 1 vacation, assembling 1 SGS Bulletin and entertaining 3 guests for a week.  I will be pretty busy for the next seven weeks! Don’t be surprised if 1.) I post no blogs or 2.) I post more blogs than usual to get away from the mayhem!  Either option is possible.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last posting: I am starting to work on the next (and my last) SGS Bulletin, submitted my SGS monthly reports and tweaked my Jamboree presentation based on my presentation on the same topic to the Fiske Genealogical Library on Wednesday.


16 comments on “Potpourri: 22 May 2015

  1. Mary Swenson says:

    Re: WDYTYA: I’ve been yelling at the television as well, when people think they need to travel to a different country to get information! Thanks…I thought it was just me!

    • Jill Morelli says:

      And you are not even a genealogist! I always wonder why they have a big black car and there is always an empty parking spot at the front door and no one else is ever there doing any research? I really don’t but it isn’t my experience! Hugs.

  2. WDYTYA is my least favorite of the genealogy shows. The long distance travel is one of the reasons. While it is cool to travel to all those great locations for a TV show, it is unrealistic for the majority of researchers!

    • Jill Morelli says:

      No kidding and certainly not for records that are accessible by mail, or on line or hiring a person for a small fee. But, it’s great TV. even my hubby was yelling at them the other night. Having said all that, I know many of the researchers gathering all the information for the show and they are professional, dedicated and extremely talented individuals.

  3. Pat Kinzie says:

    Congratulations on the top social media reps! I love the way you yell at the TV…once addicted to genealogy one forgets not everyone (or thing) is listening to us~

  4. Jade says:

    About film, “but all of these records were digitized from microfilm and so they are in b&w.” Film can be either color or black&white/grayscale. The color film can be digitized as black/white. There are lots of options.

    Ancestry.com and some other sites have some digitized documents uploaded in color, which may make records much more intelligible. Check out the old London parish records, for example, as well as the more recently installed Pennsylvania, Civil War Muster Rolls, 1860-1869.

    • Jill Morelli says:

      Jade, you are right. I didn’t mean to tie the issue of film with color vs. b&w but that is the way it came across. Color does enhance the readbability. Luckily my Swedish records are all pretty easy to read.

  5. Debra A. Hoffman says:

    I use RootsMagic and really like it!

    • itsjustjenna says:

      I have used RootsMagic for years and really like it, too! I especially like the ability to source individual events for each person.

      • Jill Morelli says:

        Welcome to my blog! I am thrilled you decided to sign up. I still have much to do to get RootsMagic working for me as I am a “Master Genealogist” refugee. I significantly customized my family history with TMG and I do not know how much of my work will transfer. Glad to hear it is working for you and glad to hear that you can source each event. Happy Hunting! Jill

  6. Gary Ball-Kilbourne says:

    Why are you looking at using RootsMagic as opposed to, say, Reunion for Mac for Family Tree Maker for Mac? I’m looking for the “perfect” Mac genealogical software that will permit me to (1) have at least some options for customization and (2) do citations consistent with Evidence Explained.

    • Jill Morelli says:

      Because I have to be able to transition from The Master Genealogist where I have 11,000 individuals. Reunion would allow only a GEDCOM transfer and I have done a lot of customization of TMG (which I now wish I hadn’t done.). Buzbee of RootsMagic set it up with a bridge to work TMG through a “black box” to RM. RM also eliminated the need for a virtual machine (I was running TMG on VM Fusion). Seemed like the right choice for me. I have looked at Reunion for other purposes but it never seemed worth the effort for the learning curve–why do a 3rd? My parameters limited my choices of software.

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