Burbank, Here I Come!

jamboree 2015I am getting ready to go to Burbank!  I am very excited. to be attending and presenting at 2015 Jamboree! sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Society.I have attended this conference in the past and there is something to be said for the smaller venues.  NGS can be overwhelming.  Another advantage is that everyone is more relaxed and you can get to know even the headliners personally.

So here is what I have done to prepare:

I have tweaked and re-tweaked my presentation, “Using the Non-Population Censuses for Context and Evidence.”  I gave the presentation on 20 May to Fiske Genealogical Library and came away with several great comments from the audience.  I have re-timed it again and checked all the links.

I have reworked the website I prepare for the presentation.  Rather than have the attendees madly write down URLs that I have found since the submission of the syllabus to SCGS months ago, I develop the website to be the repository of all new information found.  There is only one address and there is quite a bit of new information.  If you, as a blog reader, would like to see what the site looks like, the presentation will be posted at 5:00 am on 5 June for one week at http://jillspresentations.wordpress.com.  Please check it out, but if you do-I ask only that you also comment on whether you think the website is a good idea or contribute other ideas for inclusions.

I downloaded the app.  I have never met an app I didn’t like!  You know I love convention apps and this one is no different.  But, it is not good enough to have the app on the phone, if you do not use it.  So I also review all the presentations to make sure that I have indicated my preliminary list of those sessions I would like to attend.  There is a heavy emphasis on the word “preliminary,” as I will go over this list at least 3 more times before I arrive in Burbank so i can refine my choices.

I have a roommate and she sounds delightful! I used the roommate service and talked to my new genealogy friend on the phone today.  I think we are going to get along just fine!

I checked out the volunteer opportunities, especially on Friday morning, as I think I will need a distraction before my presentation at 1:00 that same day.  Unfortunately, I missed the boat!  I looked at the form too late and the abiity to volunteer had passed.  I like to volunteer and did so at NGS.  Hopefully I will be able to do so on-site.

One thing I haven’t stated doing yet is packing–which I need to do right now!

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last positing:  worked on the SGS Bulletin, the theme of which is the winners of the Family History Writing contest.  It will be a good issue.  I ordered the new EE.  I probably should have ordered the electronic version but I didn’t.  I have worked on the Fire Insurance Maps presentation.  I am also developing a beginner series of the “Big Four” record sets for the US:  censuses, probate, vital records and land records.  I am working on censuses first.  VR is next.


7 comments on “Burbank, Here I Come!

  1. Grace Keir says:

    Jill, How about doing the Fire Insurance Maps presentation for OSGA next year. Although i know something about them, i know you have more for me to learn. GK

    • Jill Morelli says:

      Grace, that is a great idea. I have one on emigration/immigration using an Ostfriesen which might be good as well. Why don’t you do one? I am going to put out a “Call for Proposals” in February or so. It would be fun to hear you talk about photos, dress and/or hairstyles of the 1800’s. jill

  2. I’m sitting in the lobby at the Marriott in Burbank watching all the genealogists arrive. I’m looking forward to DNA day tomorrow.

  3. Kathryn Andre says:

    Impressive, Jill. You are a star! Kathryn B. Andre |

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