Jamboree! Day 1

jamboree 2015It was a great day of friends and presentations and learning!

My good day started with breakfast and sitting with people I didn’t know–for long!

I sat down and found out I was next to Dr. Tim Janzen from Portland, noted DNA expert.  We discussed the possibility of him coming to Seattle for a DNA talk and he was completely willing.  His recommendation was to schedule it at the same time in the fall as he comes up for the Mennonite group.  That seemed a very good way for the societies to split the costs and to perhaps open the opportunity for SGS to collaborate with another society, one of our recently identified goals for the society.

THEN, I was joined by two women associated with the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies which is, I found, holding its 2016 conference in Seattle (this year they are in Jerusalem!–now that’s a conference venue.)  I thought it would be interesting to  speak to the group but the Call for proposals won’t go out until 1 September.   The conference site just went live and can be found here. Janet and Emily were a delight to talk with and we ended up at the end of the day as well.

The morning did not have concurrent lectures instead had a couple of interesting events.

Jean Hibben facilitated a discussion genealogical society representatives about issues affecting them.  SGS js organizationally ahead of others in most operational items.  When I entered the room, they were talking about their publications and making their newsletter public.  Another successful tip was to distribute the newsletter to businesses in the area for pick up by their customers. More than one society rep expressed how well that had worked in pulling in attendees to the society’s programs.  A few societies paid their local speakers for presentations for their regular programs, but not a majority.

Then I was on to the global meeting.  Tables were assigned a facilitator who would lead a discussion on a topic; you could sit at any table you wanted.  The rooms was a buzz!  I sat down at the Scandinavian table to learn some of the questions that would be asked.  I wanted to make sure I covered those topics in my Overview of Scandinavian Resources.   I got a few hints that I hope to incorporate into my next presentation on the Swedes, Norwegians and the Danes.

I prepped for my presentation which I am happy to say, went very well.  I didn’t realize it would be taped and if you are terribly interested in how I did, you can buy the tape!  🙂  Note: as I am posting this, I can only link to the overall site for Jamboree and not the individuals presentations.  If you check it and cannot access the individual presentations, that will probably be linked by 13 June 2015.

Then it was my turn to take in some educational moments…

Happy hunting!




2 comments on “Jamboree! Day 1

  1. Loved your presesntation (pre-conference) and your blogging wile there. Between you and Livestream I was almost at the Jamboree! Look forward to IAJGS2016 in Seattle. See you there….

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