Why no posts lately?

clock-6I have been obsessed about working on my portfolio for the Board for Certification of Genealogists! That’s why! 🙂

Ever since I got home from my summer sabbatical to the Midwest, I have been working on the portfolio with a vengeance.  I cannot (or won’t) tell you when it gets submitted, but I have yet to push the button that sends it off to BCG.

Here are some of the topics I am going to cover in the future:

  • Methodology used to keep the footnotes very consistent
  • What would I do differently?  what would I do the same?
  • What were the “wrap-up tasks” I did in the final days before getting it out the door?
  • Did I incorporate a lot from my summer trip into the document?
  • What resources were most valuable to completing the portfolio?
  • and others that I can only imagine at this point.

After I get those blog posts done (and perhaps interspersed with them), I plan on starting a new series that mirrors Liz Covart’s “Doing History” series.  I have her permission to use the titles of the series, review her content, apply her topics to genealogy and then write about it.  She has assured me that in November and December she will be interviewing genealogists for her regular series, Ben Franklin’s World.  If you are not familiar with her podcasts,take a minute to check out her website. Her reviews of books on topics related to history of the early United States sustained me on my driving trip through the Midwest.  Her sub-series on “Doing History” is sponsored through the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture.

So, stay tuned to get inundated (well, probably not.)

Happy hunting!


What I have done since the last posting: worked on my portfolio, spoke to the Sno-Isle Genealogical Society (Solving Family Myths) and the Susan Woodin DAR (Finding Dirk: Insanity in the 19th c.). I also made the invitations to a party in Boston to celebrate my daughter’s wedding. I listened to Paula Stuart-Warren talking about finding information in historical journals.  She spent much time talking about JSTOR.


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