I wasn’t expecting this!

fireworksI received notification in January that Board for Certification of Genealogists(R)  conferred the credential of Certified Genealogist(R) based on the submission of my work which was found to be to standards.[1] I shared my good news with many of my genealogy friends at SLIG and with the readers of this blog.  Very exciting. Very cool.

I came home and proceeded to work diligently on projects that had piled up while I was working on my portfolio.  Good.

About a week ago, I realized my thinking had changed. Two thoughts were now pounding in my head:

  1. I am only an incremently  better a genealogist today WITH the credential, than I was the day before I received my notification.
  2. I  now feel the responsibility to live up to the expectations of the judges of BCG and of other credential genealogists.

The first thought demands that I continue to educate myself and keep current with standards and knowledge in our field, which is rapidly changing. The second directs me to strive to improve my work product and my relationships with client, colleagues and others, so I am worthy of the trust placed in me by BCG and the judges in the conferring of the CG credential.

These two concepts hit me the other day, so…

I pledge, to myself, that I will strive to “Search | Learn | Teach,”
to the very highest of standards that I can attain. [2]

NOW, I “get it.”

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post: worked on a couple client reports, kept up with my bullet journaling, worked with my DNA kits and watched the videos about Genome Match Pro (next goal–download GMP onto my Mac); I also moved all my data over to FTDNA when they opened up their new sharing feature. Attended a presentation by Janice Lovelace about “Finding your Slaveholder” and listened to Karen Stanbary give a great talk on incorporating DNA into your proof arguments, a BCG webinar.

[1] Certified Genealogist is a registered trademark and the designation CG is a service mark of the Board for Certification of Genealogists®, used under license by Board certificants who meet competency standards.

[2] “Search | Learn | Teach” is my business motto which embodies the principles of sound research, continuing education and sharing knowledge with others.


6 comments on “I wasn’t expecting this!

  1. Debra Hoffman says:

    Wonderful post, Jill!

  2. Mary Swenson says:

    You astonish me sometimes, no, a lot! “Of course!” would be my response to #1 and “I would expect nothing less.” the response to #2!!

  3. Ginger Muenster says:


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