Certification Discussion Group: “Taking Names”!

Some of you know that I run a 7 part series on certification strategies and methodologies that helped me submit my portfolio to the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) in 2016.  I am again “taking names” of those who are interested in learning more (no commitment implied) about the series.  The goals are two-fold: demystifying the process and increasing your knowledge so you submit your portfolio smarter! There are no perquisites, other than wanting to know more about the portfolio process. No part of this program is sanctioned by BCG, but they have encouraged me to continue.

I run two groups of 14 each, once a quarter–a session in the morning and one at night. These are 100% online (Google HangOuts). We cover the application process, the seven elements and the “aftermath.” Some say there are two types of portfolio submissions: those who think they are ready and the “over-readies.” By demystifying the process I believe all attendees will identify when they are ready to start the process and strategies for submission.

I started this group because the state of Washington had the fewest number of Certified Genealogists(R) per 1 million population than any state that had them (6 states had no CGs.) (See blog post here.) I felt some of it was a lack of knowledge about certification, but some of it was because it seemed like too big of a hurdle to people who were already very well prepared. Because of that interest in increasing our total CGs to greater than two (!), there is a preference given in placement and cost to those that are Seattle Genealogical Society members (the platform I use)  and WA residents, but generally 1/2 of the class is from out of state.

If you are interested in being placed on the list, just email me at jkmorelli@gmail.com with your interest. Any other indication of interest will be ignored (PM on FB, reply to this post etc.).

Next class series will run in Oct/Nov. and another will probably run in February/March.

Happy Hunting!


What I have been doing since the last posting: I have been working on a long blog post on DNA and the portfolio.  It will come out in a week or so. I am preparing to present at 3 more conferences this year in Mpls., Pittsburgh, and Arlington (WA) and have already traveled to two–Jamboree (CA) and Ohio GS. Each takes a bit of prep! I also just got accepted for Ohio again next year for two new ones. Yeah.  Looking forward to a quiet fall (except we are traveling out of the country!)

[1} “on the clock” photograph by Jill Morelli, taken at The Boston Antheneum, 15 June 2017. (I post a photo of clock whenever the post is about being “on the clock.” Schmaltzy, of course.)

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