FHWR: Writing your Family History

Have you tried writing your family history or stories and cannot get started?  Or you start and you cannot figure out how to end it?  I’m with you.  For the next six blogs over the next six days I will be blogging about an opportunity for a writer’s getaway where you will receive the gift of time without distractions, except of your own making!

elkins ValerieValerie Elkins of Family Cherished blog and writer extraordinaire, and I have put together a Family History Writers’ Retreat (FHWR) in September in Colorado and you are invited. The event will be held in Silverthorne, CO from 19-23 September. Ask your questions of the two of us and perhaps you can resolve your dilemmas with the advice of “experts.”

You are invited to write about your family history in perhaps ways you had not thought of before.  Valerie is the expert here, but I may have a few things to add. Writing is like climbing a mountain, one has to exercise a little before making the big ascent. Family History Writing is similar—we need time to exercise these writing skills to accomplish our task. We provide you with lots of time to work on your product, unfettered by the need to do the laundry, or the demands of family.

If you have an idea and want time to work on your idea, this is the place for you! Family history writing can take many forms and Valerie can get you started by discussing goals and audience.  Perhaps you have stories from your Aunt Maude; perhaps you have documents; or perhaps you have artifacts, such as WWI memorabilia–all of which can form the nucleus for your writing. Whatever your have, Valerie can get you started or can help sharpen your goals.

You may be working on your memoirs or The Book. What ever the topic, we invite writers of all genres to join us in the Colorado Mountains, with a view of the Continental Divide and hiking trails outside your door.

Write your stories.  Blog about your artifacts. Interested in writing but not genealogy?–we’re happy with that, too.  Share your experiences of the day, or not, but along the way, we guarantee you will get a chunk of the writing done–a big chunk. Valerie and I will cook breakfast and lunch for you, and provide the wifi.  We also provide the dessert and wine at the end of the day when we discuss what we have been working on.

Now, we are not talking about a big group, but our minimum is seven writers (we already have two people signed up!) with a maximum of 12.  The intimacy of the group will make for great discussions and developing friendships. The cost is VERY reasonable, contact one of us if you are interested.

Tomorrow I will cover portfolio writing.

Happy hunting!


What I have done since the last post: spoke to Fiske Genealogy Library (not as easy as it sounds–had to rebuild the presentation because Ancestry posted new record sets AND I had dental work done in the am), set up for the SGS membership meeting on Sunday and sent a revised copy, incorporating the comments from the peer reviewers for the NGSQ, back to the Q.  I have no idea when it will be published and there are some steps to do in advance. I’ll keep you posted.

4 comments on “FHWR: Writing your Family History

  1. Thanks for the kind words Jill! This is a great opportunity to write, to think and to be inspired. I hope you can come. I am so excited to co-host with Jill! She is a powerhouse, a woman who gets things done. I can’t wait to learn more from her! ~Valerie Elkins

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