FHWR: Writing Your Portfolio

Wilder PassCome to Colorado to the Family History Writers’ Retreat (FHWR) and work on your portfolio! Of course, neither Valerie nor I can comment on your specific work, due to the requirements of the portfolio, but you will have unfettered time to write in the same space where I wrote my case study!

There are other questions about the process and your strategy that we can answer.

Genealogists write research reports, proof arguments and kinship studies for themselves and for clients. These skills are tested in the portfolio writing process in order to apply for certification through the Board for Certification of Genealogists. This genre of writing is often different than family history writing for your family, a topic covered in the blog post of the 21 June.

Valerie and I cook breakfast and lunch and provide you with the time to work on your portfolio.  Wifi is provided that will allow you to do any last minute research. At least one evening we will discuss portfolio writing of Case Studies using Warren Bittner’s outline of things not to forget.  We will even bring our reference library so you don’t have to. The evening session on portfolios will go in any direction that helps you. Numbering systems seem to be a topic of discussion these days. Anyone want to hear more about how I write my client reports and how I am implementing “write as you go” to improve my efficiency? Ask and I’ll see if we can answer.

SAVE THE DATE: 19-23 September, Silverthorne, CO. For more information contact Valerie or me.

Happy Hunting!



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