Part 6: When there is no Drama– Entering Data into Database

DNA EamesWe continue our look at using DNA to support our “documentary tree.” It is now time to enter my evidence into my database.



Here is a list of the parts and the links to the other posts:

Disclaimer: This is only an example of how I would incorporate the evidence offered by DNA if I had to do my portfolio over. I have no idea if my “solution” would be acceptable or not. Guidance on the topic is slim, but I am using the website to guide my DNA documentation, because it is all I have at the time of writing. Also, this field is changing so rapidly that this post will be “old news” in a very short period of time, but may still provide the future reader with a perspective and help them formulate questions they might not have thought of.

My genealogical software program is my big file cabinet in the sky! Somewhat this is where I started—how do I enter it?

RootsMagic has one fact type for DNA, called “DNA test” which gives you two choices of tests, mtDNA and YDNA. Obviously, they are missing the autosomal and I don’t know why. So, if RM is focused on just the test taker taking those two tests it really doesn’t address the issue of using DNA and your matches to add to the documentary evidence of your database. There also is no citation template for DNA.

So I need to create two items in RM:

  1. a source citation template for DNA, using ESMs QuickSheet guide[1]
  2. a Fact type for two autosomal test takers.

I admit this is still in the creation phase. I have two options (let me know what you think): RM, of course, wants principal 1 and principal 2 to be male/female and married.  I, instead, might want Principal 1 to be me as a test taker and Principal 2 to be Bode1. I would then link each of the intervening individuals as “witnesses.” Another way to do this would be to start with the Common Ancestral Couple, JMCB & Antje Eckhoff, and enter the witnesses as those who link to the couple, including the two test takers.  I haven’t made this decision yet.

My narrative would either be attached as a document or would be included in the notes.  It might be wise to have some sort of spreadsheet of test takers that I have already entered into my database for each of my grandparents lines.—four spreadsheets, my Danes, my Swedes and my two German grandparents.

Like, I said, I am still working on this.

Next: Part 7: Write it up!

[1]Elizabeth Shown Mills, “QuickSheet: Citing Genetic Sources for History Research, Evidence Style,” (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2015).

2 comments on “Part 6: When there is no Drama– Entering Data into Database

  1. Lisa Gorrell says:

    I can’t wait to see how your resolved entering the DNA evidence into you RootsMagic database. This whole series is very interesting!

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