Am I ready to apply for BCG certification?


I spent last night reviewing a number of the subsites at the BCG site.  They have a quiz there that you are to take to determine whether you are skilled/knowledgeable enough to do the work at a level that is necessary to have a credible application.  It was interesting.  You are “supposed” to score 20 of 23 points on all questions or you should reconsider whether you are ready to apply.  The one I lost the most points on was the question pertaining to reading five peer-reviewed journals (NGSQ, TAG, NEHGR, NYGBR, The Genealogist. I subscribe and read only one–NGSQ) for two years minimum.  I would be interested in your opinion of the relative value of subscribing vs. just taking a trip to my local library regularly and copying/reading a few of the articles. And, which ones?  Is there value for a person from the NW and who works in the Midwest to subscribing to either NEHGR or NYGBR?  if so which one makes for a better illustration of scholarly writing?

Here is the link for the quiz: 

I do think that the rigor of my education is lacking and so last night I put myself on the waiting list for ProGen.  I am very interested in its structure.  It’s an 18 month program and uses Professional Genealogist by ESM as its text.  It meets virtually with a mentor to discuss the assignments that have already been shared and reviewed by the class.  Since much of the class is oriented towards serving clients, I think that I have enough experience to find a professional mentor helpful.  And you would have the camaraderie of a group of like minded genealogists.

Here is the link for the ProGen Study Group:

My next post (probably) will cover the analysis related to the last question on the quiz: assess five of your reports against the rubrics of the BCG Certification.  I think this will not only re-acquaint me with the standards against which you are measured but also show me if I am consistently missing any particular area and be a terribly humbling experience!  Stay tuned for this one.

The rubrics are in PDF format so you will have to click on the link after getting to the site via:

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post:  made an appt. to meet with my client, Stephanie, to review the draft of the book; did some research on the paternal side for her report.  I am gaining experience working in the southern states but it is harder for this “northerner” than I was expecting.  You really do have to live in any area to do genealogy in the area well.  It seems like there are far fewer documents than in the north.  (of course, being from Iowa which has an enormous amounts of on-line records, I admit to being spoiled! I signed up for ProGen (they place you on a waiting list until they have 24). I finished up my reimbursibles for the conference and submitted them to the association’s Treasurer.


So how was the UW class and what is next?

The class was not the greatest.  Not rigorous and about 7 to 10 years outdated.  That isn’t to say I didn’t learn anything.  I certainly expanded my on line sources of information.  (I think this focus on on-line information was due to the instructor being wheel chair dependent.)  I also “discovered” the importance of having access to an academic library and the sources that are available because of that relationship.  If you do not have access to an academic library, I recommend to check out the one closest to you and see if you can have access to it (some allow you access if you join the alumni group.)

I finished the paper yesterday.  I thought I was finished and then I took out the placeholder that forced the document to read the pages side by side and realized that my page number just went bonkers.  After fixing all the items that were page number dependent, I then reread the comments made by the instructor on an early draft and found some small items I had not incorporated.  I also tweaked some footnotes.  Then I reread the assignment and found that I needed to include a pedigree chart and a family group sheet, so I did.  Lesson Learned:  read the instructions at the beginning and at the end to make sure all the details are wrapped up!

I will eventually post the document here but not quite yet.

Meanwhile, I have been working on Irish citizenship for my friend/client.  That has been interesting.  I have sent for two documents (Irish birth record and MT marriage certificate.)  She is in charge of the others.  Also, have started writing up her findings on her maternal line.  Have them about done.  Want to wrap that up and get on to Susan’s and Mary’s projects.

Next? A friend from class and I are thinking about taking the BU course.  I also am considering taking the ProGen Study course but that is longer.  I would rather have intense and shorter.  Your thoughts and comments about each of these courses would be helpful.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post: finished the paper for the class (I will turn it in 1 week early because I will miss the last class.) and now my study area is a mess.  A clean up is in order.

Bloggers Night Out!

The genealogy bloggers met tonight at a bar in a nearby hotel. Thanks, Amanda for organizing  it (via Twitter)!  It was great fun. The community is more varied than you might think.  I met a person who blogs about the Family Jones, another about Hamilton Genealogy Society and yet another blogs about her books on the engagement of grade school and high school students in family history. We had about 10 there at sometime during the night.

Two of the afternoon sessions I attended were the topics of discussion.  Some questioned the conservatism of ESM’s session on copyright and plagiarism.  Some thought she was overly conservative and that bloggers might as well quit if we were to try to live to the standards she espoused.  I didn’t go that far, but she certainly was conservative and perhaps unnecessarily so.

Barbara Vines Little, who rode down the elevator with me as we went Our respective ways for the evening, was the instructor in the last session of the day on proof arguments.  The bloggers thought her presentation did not cover the topic particularly well and left a couple of key concepts to be assumed by the crowd.

Happy Hunting!


Things I have done since the last post: took a walk around the Exhibit areas (I’ll report more on that later.), went to Walgreens and pick up some diet coke (it’s $3.85 in the convention hall), found out that the Zaha Hadid (architect) Art Gallery is very close, learned about the ProGen study Group (I have to look into this).

Blogger’s Night Out!
about 15 showed up; that’s Amanda on the right.