PMC conference; Day 1

(I cannot guarantee I will blog everyday….so there may not be a “Day 2”)

Hishult recordHad a great day today at the Professional Management Conference sponsored by the Association of Professional Genealogists.  Here is what happened:

  • I volunteered to help with the reception desk in the morning.  I like doing this because you meet everyone.
  • Attended the morning keynote speech on “When you need to hire professional help.” the speaker was from and I had to give him credit–he filled in for the other speaker who couldn’t attend (at the last moment?).  The audience asked some very pointed questions.
  • Attended Part 1 of Tom Jone’s presentation on citations.  It was excellent.  He explored context in depth. (I did not attend Part 2 but plan on attending Part 3 tomorrow am.
  • Attended Judy Russell’s class on “Finding the Law.”  I feel much more grounded. Thanks, Judy! But I do wish I had as clear a niche as she does.
  • Heard an excellent lunch keynote speech by David Rencher of FamilySearch.  Did you know that ~87% of attendees to the 2014 Roottech conference have looked at FamilySearch online trees but only ~70% of NGS conference attendees have looked at a FS online tree (small sample of attendees–not all were polled.)
  • Studied the four posters which were presented today.  It was the first poster session the APG had ever sponsored, (I present tomorrow.) The posters were on Japanese research, developing a social media outcome for a Polish community, and a categorization of indirect evidence that I thought clustered the issues appropriately.
  • Went to the FHL and worked on data collection for my Case Study.  Got some great information!  See photo above.1
  • Had dinner with my friend Karen.

Tomorrow, I will sit in on the third part of Tom’s session. Stay tuned for a blog on this topic.(Wedgewood, feel free to hit the delete key!) And I want to hear Billie Fogarty talk abut lecturing and teaching.

Happy Hunting!


What I have done since the last post: Well, I had to iron my poster flat (first ironing I have done in a while!), searched  18th c. tax records in Sweden and met a lot of new friends and and enjoyed catching up with the ones I met before.

1Sweden, Halland County, Hishult parish, Mantalslangd (Tax List),1794.


2 comments on “PMC conference; Day 1

  1. Dana says:

    It sounds like a wonderful event so far! I’m kind of jealous! Enjoy… & learn! Well, they’re almost the same thing, aren’t they? 😉

  2. What do you mean, delete??? I am awake and learning from your summaries…….you are awesome.

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